5 Questions With:
13yo YouTuber
Brody Meredith


Name: Brody Meredith, 13 

Location: DC Area

YouTube: voidymeal


d.RT: Who or what inspires you?

Brody: One person who inspires me a lot is former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. He was not always the biggest or fastest player on the field, but he always played smart. And for him—brains beat brawn. I believe that that is why he was such a success.

d.RT: If you could be a hoodie on any person—celebrity, influencer, athlete, whomever—who would it be & why?

Brody: I would be a hoodie on actor Ryan Reynolds because I think he’s hilarious and he’s good at making people laugh. I feel like laughter is needed with a lot of the situations we’re faced with these days. I also respect the good work he does for various communities and charities. One of my dreams is to have the opportunity and platform to spread fun vibes like him. I am actually in the process of building up my YouTube channel—called voidymeal—and hope to have content posted there regularly very soon. 

d.RT: What fear about your future overwhelms you the most?

Brody: One of my biggest fears is messing up my grades and negatively affecting my future. I want to be able to get in to a good college and the way that I assure that I do that is by putting in the extra effort and time now. It’s hard, but hopefully it will pay off. 

d.RT: What social justice movement are you currently moved by the most? How do you get involved?    

Brody: For a while now, I have been following the Black Lives Matter movement. The way I get involved is by going to protests and by trying to be a good ally—which requires a lot of listening about other’s experiences.

d.RT: If you could invent a technology to change, cure, or make better any issue facing the world, what would it be?       

Brody: I would make a bionic pancreas for people with diabetes. I was just diagnosed with the disease this past summer and am learning quickly how much it affects the overall function of the body. An invention like that would change—and hopefully improve—a lot of lives. 






Brody is wearing the Leven Hoodie, Ollie Jogger in black and Saul Good Slides in white—while channeling his inner Peyton Manning.