5 Questions With: Athletic Brothers
Jaxson & Jayson Thompson


Name: Jaxson Thompson, 13

Location: Dallas, Texas 

Instagram: @jaxson_thompson2026

TikTok: @jaxsonjallday 

YouTube: The Planet of Basketball 


d.RT: What is your go-to outfit if you’re dressing only for yourself … not the internet, not your peers, not trying to meet anyone else’s expectations? 

Jaxson: Without question, my go-to outfit would be my Snoopy pajama pants, my former basketball team hoodie and my old grey Nike running shoes.  

d.RT: How do you juggle staying present with your generation’s constant need to stay connected digitally?

Jaxson: I make sure to not get totally engulfed into social media by prioritizing spending time with my family and friends. Plus, honestly, my schedule is busy with school, basketball practice and training that I don’t have a lot of time for social media.

d.RT: Channel your inner entrepreneur … if you could start & operate your own business—today—what would it be & why?

Jaxson: I would definitely start my own sports media company where all the content, commentary and stories are from the athlete's perspective first hand. 

d.RT: Who is your dream/ideal mentor? What advice would you seek from them?

Jaxson: My ideal mentor would be Stephen A. Smith because I like how he created a successful career as a sports personality by being himself and not caring what other’s think of him or his opinions. 

d.RT: What fear about your future overwhelms you the most?

Jaxson: My biggest fear is that ignorance and poor leadership will lead to a world of social isolation due to racism, hate, world pandemics and an unlivable environment. 



Name: Jayson Thompson, 10

Location: Dallas, Texas

Instagram: @j_money2029


d.RT: If you could be a hoodie on any person—celebrity, influencer, athlete, whomever—who would it be and why? 

Jayson: I would be a hoodie on (NBA player) Stephen Curry because I think he’s pretty cool and I think it would be so awesome to see how he lives in his daily life off of the basketball court. 

d.RT: Who or what inspires you and why?

Jayson: My dad is my biggest inspiration because he survived cancer and never let the disease stop him from living his life and being there for his family. 

d.RT: How do you best express yourself? What is your emotional outlet?

Jayson: I like to express myself by singing or listening to music. I also like to ride my skateboard and play video games. 

d.RT: What was the first fashion splurge you made without the help of your parents?

Jayson: My first fashion splurge was after I got my first skateboard. I had to get a pair of checkered Vans. If I’m not in basketball shoes, I’m wearing my Vans. I love them. 

d.RT: If you could invent a technology to change, cure, or make better any issue facing the world—what would it be?

Jayson: I would create a cure for Covid-19 and other viruses so we would never have to go into quarantine ever again. 



Jayson (here) is wearing the Soff Eleven Tee in grey, the Ollie Jogger in grey, and the Saul Good Slides in orange.

Jaxson (top) is wearing the Finn Bomber in black/fire, the Soff Tee in black, and the Ollie Jogger in black.