5 Questions With: 11yo Student Athlete Sebastian Dunn


Name: Sebastian Dunn, 11 

Location: Dallas, TX

TikTok: @seabass_027


d.RT: As a Gen Z'er, how do you juggle staying present with your generation’s constant need to stay connected digitally?

Sebastian: Of course I have my phone, my computer, my Xbox, and talk to my friends daily—but it is very important for me to take breaks, enjoy quality time with my family and just play with my dog. I also play basketball, golf and other sports to get away from all the online connecting and just be myself.

d.RT: Who or what inspires you? Or, what is your one great passion?

Sebastian: I love sports—all sports! Collecting sports cards especially has become a passion of mine and inspires me. From a Luka Doncic (Go Mavs!) rookie card, to a signed Mickey Mantle baseball, I have started a great collection of cards and collectibles that I look forward to keep growing.

d.RT: If you could be a hoodie, like the limited edition Notorious D R T Hoodie you sported for our photo shoot, on any person—celebrity, influencer, athlete, whomever—who would it be and why?

Sebastian: For sure Luka Doncic. Basketball is my favorite sport and Luka is my favorite player in the NBA. To see how he moves, how he plays and what kind of person he is—would be the absolute thrill of a lifetime.

d.RT: What is important to you and why?

Sebastian: It's extremely important to me to be a good friend and just a good person in general. I believe that if someone is new to school—it's always good to be welcoming to them.  If someone is feeling sad—try your best to cheer them up. I really hate seeing anyone left out of a group, or being picked on by other kids. That's not cool, in my opinion.

d.RT: Lastly, what fear about your future overwhelms you the most?

Sebastian: Just growing up in general. Thinking about getting into high school, then college, then a job—it all just seems so overwhelming. However, my dad keeps me balanced and reminds me to not get too far ahead and to just enjoy every day of being a kid.





Basketball player Sebastian is seen here looking like the king of the court while wearing the limited edition Notorious D R T Hoodie in black, Notorious D R Tee in black, Ollie Jogger in black, and Saul Good Slides in black.