3 Questions With:
TikTok Influencers
Marco Borghi & Tyler Funke

Our 3-minute catch up with co-creatives and roommates Marco Borghi and Tyler Funke—of the Las Vegas TikTok pad: The House Nobody Asked For (THNAF).

Check them out. Laugh. Repeat. 



Name: Marco Borghi, 18

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Instagram: @officialpolo.boy

TikTok: @poloboy


d.RT: What was the first fashion splurge you made without the help of your parents?

Marco: In 2018, I splurged on a $300 designer belt by MCM. It was a terrible financial decision because at the time I was only making about $500 a week—so that was way out of my budget. But luckily, I really take care of my clothes and I haven’t gone shopping for a significant amount of new clothing since.

d.RT: What 3 things do you think every young man should know how to do before he leaves home?

Marco: You need to shower man. Please. Just shower and wash your legs—they stink. Also: shave your armpits. Hairy armpits are out of style and retain more odor—fact!

[Additional note from d.RT: We definitely meant before a young man leaves home—as in moves out on their own—but we appreciate this lesson in good hygiene, so we kept it in! In regards to moving out, may we suggest: learning to make your bed (properly), create a budget for yourself and learn how to clean a bathroom (again, properly). More on this topic in future posts ... back to Marco.]

d.RT: What fear about the future overwhelms you the most?

Marco: My biggest fear is 100% global warming. I often think about my future kid(s). I want to be able to drag them in a sled across the snow after a big storm in New York City—like I did as a kid. I have so many fond memories that involve being outdoors in the winter. I hope we can prioritize climate change and that they will be able to have those kind of moments, as I did. 



Name: Tyler Funke, 19

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Instagram: @tyler.funke

TikTok: @tylerfunke


d.RT: What is important to you, & why?

Tyler: Success is very important to me. I want to be able to prove my worth in this world with the one life that has been given to me. I want to accomplish all of my dreams—and do it with respect behind my name. And I want to be remembered as humble and outgoing, too. 

d.RT: Name your biggest fashion challenge and how you overcame it. 

Tyler: My biggest fashion challenge was not understanding what style was AT ALL—I’m talking all of freshman and sophomore year for me. Then, when TikTok came around, I began to get a sense of what people were wearing and what they liked to see others wear as well, and it definitely was not Minecraft T-shirts and Hollister cologne. After that, I started to thrift a lot more and began making that part of my personal style.

d.RT: Winter 2020 is going to be...

Tyler: Hectic. There is a lot happening such as the transferring of powers, Covid and the future of social media—to name a few. I think it's going to be a lot to handle for all of us, but once it's over everyone will be able to breathe a big sigh of relief. Finally.