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Video: The Best Tie Tying Tutorial on the Internet, According to Us

It’s the end of May and we’ve reached the end of the pandemic school year.

Finally. Thankfully! Yay you! Yay science!

And since we know this time of year calls for an ample amount of occasions that might require a little more formality (think: award ceremonies, graduation, wedding season, that Zoom interview for your dream summer internship) we figured no time like the present to give you a fast schooling on the art of tying a necktie.

That’s right, learning to tie your own damn tie is one of the rites of passage into young adulthood. And guess what? It’s likely easier than you think. To hammer that point, we scoured the internet ourselves and found hands down the best/simplest/least creepy "How to Tie a Tie" video we could find. And it comes courtesy of our friends at GQ Magazine. (Thank you, gents.)

You're welcome for saving you those 30 minutes of deep research (aka a YouTube hole starring an assortment of British dudes who describe themselves as dandy). Also: we set the video to play on a loop so it will restart again and again and again, or until you resist the urge to NOT just go ask your big brother to do it for you ... again. Because, we believe in you.

Now off you go. We hear you have a lot to celebrate.

And guys, don't forget the dimple.


Video Credit: GQ


A bonus step-by-step graphic of the four-in-hand knot aka literally the only necktie knot that you'll ever need to know.

(Yes, we said ever.)

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