d.RT, Now With
Dress Shirts


Here at d.RT we're huge fans of the shift to a more casual approach to a young man's wardrobe. We cosign tees under blazers. Or blazers with joggers. Hell, if you're Harry Styles, we can even support blazers sans a shirt (Google his Grammys performance). But even we have to admit that there comes a time and a place for every dude to button it up a bit. To put on a crisp dress shirt—one with a proper collar—and feign a little refinement (albeit momentarily ... maybe just for the pictures).

Makes sense then that we'd parlay into shirt-making in order to round out our launch collection (and to double down on our promise to provide every piece of clothing that you'll ever need to wear).

So, without further ado, here is our freshman collection of button-downs—and five ways to wear them, starting with the most casual to the dressiest. 



If you're a man who has occasions to attend—be it graduations, recitals, weddings, dances, ceremonies, initiations et al (spoiler: this should be all of you), then the perfect white dress shirt will be a hero staple in your wardrobe. May we suggest ours. It slims the body perfectly with our trademark hint of stretch—making it ideally suited to wear tucked or untucked (baddie move).

Bidness Button-Down in white, $90



Rule of thumb if tucking: The shirt should be slim-fitting enough to tuck without ballooning, and loose enough to be comfortable for full-day wear. Ours aces the test. Bonus points here for the monochromatic—grey on grey—action. Posh, yet cool.

Bidness Button-Down in grey, $90



The addition of a little pop of collar under a cotton sweatshirt is the difference between casual and dressy casual. Embrace the juxtaposition of textures and levels of polish to create completely unexpected looks.

Bidness Button-Down in grey, $90



Pro tip: Our tailoring pieces can be styled as a suit, or as ‘smart separates’—as seen here. Again, you’re the curator of your own wardrobe—be bold! Just always make sure your white shirt is laundered regularly to preserve it’s brightness. 

Bidness Button-Down in white, $90



Feeling formal? This jet-black combo is razor-sharp, nearly Bond-like perfection.  

Bidness Button-Down in black, $90