8 Items to Restock Now for Spring


In case you didn’t get the memo—it’s officially Spring! It’s a new season in a semi-vaccinated society—things are looking up! Finally. 

To celebrate—and to prepare for the warmer months ahead—may we suggest a little refresh of your wardrobe and grooming basics? We’re not talking about a hard reset … just a soft purge and edit to get you back on track. 

So, step away from the Zoom calls. Pry the WFH sweats off of your bones (for now). And let’s dig in to your goods and make space (mentally and physically) for that BIG SPRING 2021 ENERGY. 

Here’s how. 


1. Underwear

Before you even make it to your closet, check on the status of your underwear drawer. How's it looking? Take everything out and go through it item by item. Toss out any undergarments with worn out elastic waistbands, or that you never wear (looking at you polar bear boxers), or that have, um ... stains. The rest: refold. Nicely! May we suggest the KonMari fold by storage guru Marie Kondo. Lastly, restock. Get online and order some 3, 6, 12 packs—however many you need. Whatever is excess and doesn't fit neatly in your drawer, store in your closet for the next reset.

Calvin Klein modern cotton stretch boxer briefs, $34 (for 3), calvinklein.us


2. Face Mask


Face masks remain a popular preventative measure against Covid-19. And no doubt you've acquired a micro collection of your own over the last year plus. Ask yourself: Do you really need them all? Let’s tighten up your selection. Retire the overused ones. Donate the unused ones that either don’t fit your face or your style. And stock up on some new, ultra-breathable options that will flow with your lightened-up Spring style. 

Con.Struct washable cotton cloth face masks (for 3), $9.95, amazon.com


3. Basic Tees

Few things are more synonymous with masculine bada**ery than a simple, perfectly-fitting T-shirt. Which is why your assortment of go-to-tees is probably one of the most beloved (read: potentially worn out) genres of your wardrobe. So, pile up all your favorites and inspect each for: stains, stench and sizing issues (pay close attention to the armpit area and neckline). If any don’t pass these three markers: toss them (note: exceptions made to nostalgic tees—like the one commemorating your first lacrosse team). Pay particular attention to the solid basics (WHITE especially, but grey and black too)—these should for sure be replaced annually. 

d.RT basic tees sampler (customizable), $120, shopdrt.com


4. Socks

Ah, socks. The often neglected—yet utterly essential—accessory. Here are our top sock tips. First, if after two laundry cycles you haven't found the missing sock to the pair—wave good-bye. Next: Holes in toes = unacceptable (no exceptions). When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a solid no-show (especially where wearing those Grail-Worthy sneakers). BUT some socks are truly fit-elevating in their own right and are meant to be seen, and for that, may we suggest checking out the likes of American Trench, Stance or Happy Socks. Whatever your sock vibe—just check in on your selection often. Especially between seasons. 

Nice Laundry performance no show socks, $49 (for 6), nicelaundry.com


5. Activewear

We need to talk about your activewear. Baggy basketball shorts are cute and all when you're ... playing basketball. But for all your other physical activities (of which there are likely a lot), shall we upgrade to something more ... performance-minded (translation: ODOR-FIGHTING slash SWEAT-REDUCING)? Yes, yes, we shall. Stock up on some new tech tees and/or tanks, too.

Ten Thousand Session Short, $58, tenthousand.com

6. White Dress Shirt

From now until forever, please prioritize always having an all-occasion, white dress shirt ready to go hanging in your closet. Preferably a CLEAN and PRESSED one. Trust us: They are the staplest of staples. And the key to maintaining them is checking on the status of two things religiously: fit and cleanliness. The collar shall remain stiff and unmarked; the body streamlined but not too clingy; the sleeve length highlighting a smidge of wrist (no more or less). If yours passes this checklist, carry on. If not ...

d.RT Bidness Button-Down in white, $90, shopdrt.com


7. Loofah

We can almost guarantee it's been A MINUTE since you replaced your shower bestie—the loofah. In a word: Ew. Click below for a new, all-natural scrubber replacement. Then, ADD TO CART. SHIP IMMEDIATELY. Because, #germs.

Bathing Culture large mineral sea sponge, $20, bathingculture.com


8. Toothbrush


Ditto what we said about your shower buddy, but more urgently because THIS IS YOUR MOUTH. Also, while we have you on the topic of oral hygiene, have you upgraded to an electric toothbrush yet? No? It's time. We love this option by Colgate because it allows you to sign up for a replacement head shipped directly to you every 3 months. Minty-fresh made easy.  

hum by Colgate smart toothbrush, $69, hum.colgate.com