5 Anti-Stink Products
To Up Your Hygiene Game

First, the facts: You stink.

But don't freak out, that is completely normal. According to science (and common sense), the development of body odor is a natural part of the human experience and—fun fact—usually the first sign of puberty. Neat!

But we get it—it stinks to, well ... stink.

So it's time for a little self-care 101 refresher. Below, we're offering up some products to try now to help with the inevitable cascade of stench in the four main parts of the body susceptible to produce smell: the scalp, the armpits, the groin and the feet. BONUS: We added the mouth too, because #maskbreath.


Dry Shampoo

Bacteria, oil and dead skin cells can make for a smelly trifecta on your noggin. The key to maintaining a odor-free scalp is to not over-wash, but rather shampoo every one to two days—and to really lather before rinsing. Try using a clarifying shampoo and then between washes, always do a faux suds up with an amazing smelling dry shampoo like this one. It's great for adding texture, too. #bedhead

Ouai Super Dry Shampoo, $24, amazon.com 




Mask mouth is a thing, amirite? To combat it, we suggest changing up your current oral care routine by adding in a PH-balanced toothpaste with activated carbon in place of your good 'ole tube of Crest. This one provides extra cleansing against odor-causing bacteria AND whitens. Also: Add a tongue scraper to your daily routine. Just trust us.

intelliWHiTE Carbon Power Clean Toothpaste, $19.95, shopintelliwhite.com


Look, you want to sweat—just not reek. Try switching out your stick antiperspirant to an aluminum-free spray formula—like this one—to keep the germs (and BO) at bay. This should provide all-day protection, but pop it in your gym bag to freshen up as needed.

Lululemon Anti-Stink Deodorant in Black Pepper Sandalwood, $18, shop.lululemon.com 


Foot Spray

To avoid foot-related swampiness and smelly kicks, try a spray at the getting dressed phase of your day that will both neutralize odor and prevent any skin irritation. Between wears, you could also try deodorizer balls or odor-eliminating inserts in your shoes to keep them fresh.

Barefoot Scientist Twinkle Toes Foot Deodorizer, $16, twinkletoes.com

Ball Spray

If you want to avoid the undesirable ew factor or discomfort (itchiness!) in your nether regions, you can't neglect it. Enter: ball spray. It's pretty self explanatory. Try it before and after ultra-sweaty activities and on clean skin post shower.

Bonus suggestion: For a little two-in-one action, try a multi-use product like Gold Bond's No Mess Body Spray Powder (we love it in fresh scent) and use it generously on both your feet AND groin area, as needed.

Meridian Ball Spray, $15, meridiangrooming.com