Introducing: d.RT Starter Kits
(aka Bundles)


Back in November 2020 when we launched d.RT we shared our unofficial mission statement in this post.

To recap: Our goal is to make everything you’ll ever want (or need) to put on.


So we built a line of covetable, luxe basics. A collection of dope wares intended to be worn interchangeably. A wardrobe within a wardrobe. A foundation for a more elevated casual wardrobe. Yada yada … you get it.

And we think we succeeded. 

By now, we hope you’ve experienced our clothing first hand. Maybe you own one of our Soff Tees. Or a pair of our joggers. But now you’re ready to dive in … to invest in more of our signature items to continue your goal of sartorial domination. Excellent! 

So, guess what? We made it easy for you to shop smart and to get to the fun part: ADD TO CART > SHIP IMMEDIATELY. 

Introducing: the d.RT Starter Kits. Here, we have curated some groupings of our best-selling all-stars … and all at a discount to you for buying the goods in a bundle. 

Oh! Did we mention we also offer Afterpay? If you’re not familiar with the buy-now-pay-later service, it allows you to pay off your purchase in four easy installments. Just something to consider ...  

Now, no excuses. Let’s upgrade!


The Tees Sampler

The perfect tee x 3.



The Basic Fit

The d.RT staples.




The Carryall Combo

Our Deuces Duffel PLUS Ready Up Backpack.


The Luxe Fit

The Basic Fit PLUS our Holla Back Hoodie.




Magic Numba Slides x 2

Your choice of 2 pairs; 2 colors.

ALSO available in our Saul Good Slide.


The Ultimate Starter

Everything you need for an elevated casual wardrobe.

ALSO available with one of our trademark, self-fitting suits: The Cannen, The Dylan, or the The Robert.

$385 ($650 with suit)